Your designer MUST have your search engine placement in mind WHILE designing your site. If not it may be VERY difficult to get your site listed and may have to be redesigned. You need statistics that show unique visitors (people), not unrealistic stats showing all files viewed. We are the Internet professionals and will assist you in making decisions, but you are the boss and we will create to YOUR specifications!
Compare the cost for year round - 24 hours/day, World Wide advertising to what you are paying for your yellowpage ad.

WordPress continually infected by Malicious Code?

This is a great place to start to help walk you through the clean-up and defense.


In your SSH check through
> last
to see if IP addresses other than you have been logging in.

Google Indexing Drop in Mid August Was No Mistake

It appears many sites with duplicate content and bad business practices were penalized with no recovery even a year later.


The reason ... Google's algorithmic changed. This isn't the first, but it was one of the hardest hitting when it comes to how many pages of your site Google is indexing.

Here is a great article showing you the time consuming steps to slowly regain some of your exposure:

Things we can do to fix:

Want to know what mobile browsers are looking at your website?

This site has a nice graph of who is wining the browser war on mobile phones!

It this new day and age, it is important to keep up on who is coming to your site, and what software they are using to view it.

In another article we talked about how important it is that your site is mobile friendly sites.

Below is a graph showing that as of Aug 2015 - surprise, Chrome browser is winning 35% & Google's search engine at 79%!

Google's Algorithm Changing Again! Favoring Mobile Friendly Sites!

Rumor is that on Tuesday April 21, 2015 Google is going to change their algorithm favoring mobile friendly sites.

So what does this mean for you? If you have a fairly new site that was developed in something like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, chances are you are fine and have a responsive website that is considered mobile friendly. And if not, these programs offer many templates or themes and all you will have to do is download one that is responsive.

Stop System Notification – Drupal

When you install the blog module in Drupal it is automatically set to email the admin when anyone tries to register. In no time you will be inundated with notifications of fictitious people/users. Within two months I was up to 20 per day.

I have searched for hours trying to find a way to turn off these notification with no success. Finally, I happened upon the page in the admin section where you can choose “Who can register accounts?”

ACT! Pro v7.1 Free Trial

So I just downloaded Act! Pro free trial to evaluate their product (I used it many years ago and sure it has changed a great deal, probably unrecognizable).

The first screen that appears is "Become an Act! Expert"
then it lists:

  • Visit the Getting Started Resources Center"
  • View the Act! v17 Feature Tours
  • Discover training opportunities
  • Check our the Act! Knowledgebace Online

All but the Act! Knowledgebase link takes you to:

"Web browsing is restricted

Drupal - Updating Your Drupal Core for Security

In my ongoing effort to keep my customers sites secure and all modules update for the best possible webpage response, I have recently discovered how to update the core when needed.

Messages will appear at the top of most of the admin pages if a new core or security update has been released. Most likely you will also receive an email to the administrator of the site.

Here are the steps to safely update your core:

Horrible Service from Interland.com a Web.com company

@webdotcom SO unhappy with your support! Received - Rejected - see http://support.interland.com I don't have login-called-rep NO HELP #badservice

Spam Solution – SpamHero.com

So in the first 24 hours Spam Hero has processed 555 emails and quarantined 470 as spam, and 78 were sent through to my Outlook inbox as “clean.” Clean does include bulk mailings and many of the bulk mailings are ones I have subscribed to. So, so far Spam Hero is catching about 85% of my mail. The rest, I would say 10% are bulk messages that I do want to occasionally see, and about 5% are actual direct messages needing my attention.


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